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Ramblings of a mountain girl lost at the beach...
Enjoy the peephole view into my daily shenanigans, of culture, health, and fitness.

Yup thats right, I won my fight last night :) A big thanks to my coach and trainer Carlos Alvarez for pushing me to places I didnt think I could go.  During training he would ask me which did I want? “To train hard and fight easy? Or train easy and fight hard?”  Hard work pays off.  I have learned that both in and out of the ring you only are fighting yourself.  Well “self” look who won :)

My hands are totally destroyed from boxing an lifting. I swear if a guy were to go and try to hold my hand right now he would probably flinch. Hahaha good thing no one will be holding my hand anytime soon.#boxergirlproblems

Today is my 21st birthday.  Not only will I not be participating in the normal drinking to belligerence, but I also am not giving into and tempting treats.  With my fight 8 days away I just cant afford to slip up.  Im actually quite proud that I can have this much self control when it comes to this, believe me I have not heard the end of it from my friends.  But the way I see it, they have not put in the early morning and late nights of endless training, the extreme diet restrictions, and the mental exhaustion of pushing myself to places I didnt think I could go.  To me its all worth it and I can reward myself  after when my record will be 6-0. 


Coach Carlos:So I was thinking, since its your birthday today we should do something special.
Me:Wait really?
Coach Carlos:Yeah how about we run an extra mile.
Coach Carlos:....
Me:So 6 miles instead of 5.
Coach Carlos:Thats pretty special if you ask me.
Me:(To myself) Yeah I bet you wouldnt be saying that if you were running instead of leisurely peddling your bike alongside me.
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