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Ramblings of a mountain girl lost at the beach...
Enjoy the peephole view into my daily shenanigans, of culture, health, and fitness.

While in Grenada I had the privilege of walking out the front door taking a few steps and selecting a coconut I ate that day.  I have a new appreciation for the rasta ideology, especially their diet.

Food is more than fuel for our bodies, it nourishes our souls and feeds our hearts. A significant part of Rastafarianism is eating Ital. Eating Ital makes one more pure. If one fills there body with whole foods from the earth, they will inevitably exist in a higher, purer state. They will run on divine fuel. Just the act of becoming aware of what one puts into their bodies is a consciousness raising experience. Rastafarians regard there bodies as temples for the Hola life-force (spirit). Therefore, they are determined to eat food which will balance not only the body but the spirit as well.

"Let your Food be your Medicine and your Medicine be your Food"

So the photo of my abs is getting reblogged by a ton of gay blogs….. No im not a guy, my stomach looks like this because I box.  lol. Complement I guess?